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Who we are - Nicotra Group

Nicotra Sistemi S.p.A. Headquarters

Nicotra Sistemi Srl, which is part of Nicotra Group, offers several solutions worldwide: monitoring and management systems of copper and optical cable networks, monitoring of xDSL line, distribution cabinet security, outside plants security and water distribution system for irrigation.

Nicotra Group was created in 1987 following the corporate policy, according to which each company in the group must operate in a different field and be involved in different applications as to be able to meet the increasing market demand and assist its customers any time.

The Group is now moving to diversify more and more its activities in other applications area:

A brief summary

Nowadays, Nicotra Group is the result of all the resources and energies employed in the market research for the development of new high-tech, high-quality and user friendly products in the TLC field.
The main events in the company history can be summarised as follows:


Nicotra Sistemi Srl started principally to be active in the field of telecommunications with the technology of the monitoring and pressurization of telephone copper cable networks. Nicotra Sistemi Srl operates in the research and development fields and is in charge of both domestic and foreign sales. It started to co-operate with the Italian National Telecom company, TELECOM ITALIA, formerly named SIP and shortly afterwards with other Telecom companies worldwide, such as Bell Labs Connecticut, New York, Portland and Atlanta, developing and improving innovative monitoring systems.

In the late 70's, Nicotra Sistemi Srl started to produce the air dryers for telephone cable networks, being the first Italian company involved in the manufacturing of such products.

In the 80s, a new line of products for cable network monitoring, named RAD, (Remote Addressable Devices) appeared for the first time. These devices carry out accurate measurements of physical (air pressure, air flow, temperature, humidity) and electrical variables. One of their most important features is that they are compatible with any existing already installed network systems, as well as with any future system.

During the same years, a new generation of completely electronically controlled air dryer was designed and supplied to TELECOM ITALIA.


The year 1982 marked the introduction of a new electronic pressure transducer semi-automatic laser pressure transducer highly performing and much more accurate compared to previous devices.

Starting from 1984, Nicotra Sistemi Srl has gradually succeeded in expanding its sales to China, thus strengthening its marketing position in the TLC field worldwide.

A crucial event was the opening of the new companyN.T.T. srl. (Nicotra Tecniche Telematiche) offering high-standards after sales and highly qualified maintenance services through Technical Assistance Centres (CAT ) located almost all over Italy.

NSP srl (Nicotra Servizi e Partecipazioni) was established in 1987 to provide financial, legal and accounting services for the Group.

In 1987, at the TELECOM Exhibition held in Geneva, Nicotra presented NiDA, the first computerised system for monitoring pressurised telephone cables which, using the new generation of pressure transducers, automatically detects faults and/or leaks in cable networks. Telecom companies will thus be able to optimise maintenance services and reduce costs at the same time.


CRT Nicotra Sistemi srl (Centro Ricerche Telematiche Nicotra Sistemi), which later merged with Nicotra Sistemi Srl, was opened in Trieste for the engineering, production, co-ordination and testing of devices designed by the R&D department. In the 90s, Nicotra Group started to develop new RFTS solutions for monitoring optical cable networks using OTDR devices.
During this period Nicotra Group strengthened its markets and products diversification policy developing and proposing new systems to be applied in different fields. The most important results were achieved with SCADA systems used in the irrigation field for water management and in the TLC field for power management.
Nicotra Sistemi also developed and patented AcquaCard ®, another important product for water administration and public utilities. It is the most advanced and automated system for controlled water delivery using electronic cards.


Nicotra produced a new pressure transducer, called TP 204 M which, using a microprocessor, allowed a more precise, linear and stable performance. Thanks to this new technology, Nicotra acquired a stronger position on the international market and started to produce customised monitoring systems for customers all over the world: China, South America, South Africa and Europe. During this period, Nicotra attended several telecom exhibitions, such as SVIAZ-EXPOCOMM in Russia, TELEXPO in Brazil and PT/EXPO COMM in China, this latter being one of the most important TLC/IT events in Asia, sponsored by the Ministry of Information Industry P.R. China (MII) and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT).

In 1994 the Nicotra Sistemi Srl R&D department, upon a specific customer request developed a new project, named CSS, relevant to security and alarming for street cabinets. This project has represented the basis for a complete new line of products for the outside plants security (Cabinet, manhole, aerial cable).


Since the very beginning, quality has always been fundamental for Nicotra Group, as proved by all the certifications obtained by different telecom operators. In 1996 Nicotra Group has been ISO 9002 certified, stating the quality of its production process. Two years later the ISO 9001 certification has recognised the quality of hardware and software development process.
These years are characterised by a general product-system standardizations in terms of communication protocols, user interfaces, integration into telecommunication management architectures, etc. Nicotra Group has followed this trend updating its systems and incorporating state of the art technologies (TCP/IP protocol, RDBMS, GIS interface, TMN and SNMP agent, etc.).


As the TLC world becomes more and more complex and new problems, demands as well as new opportunities arise from worldwide clients, Nicotra Group will continue to grow, adjust its services and broaden its scopes.


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