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ADSL Extender - Broadband line extender

General Description

ADSL - Extender Broadband line extender

Using the leading SHDSL transmission and remote power feeding technologies our latest ADSL Extender devices are suitable to install 4 or 8 universal subscriber ports (POTS + ADSL/2/2+) with an extended operating distance up to 10+ km using only two pair of existing copper cables without any further infrastructure investment.

Targeted applications:

Description of the system

As it can be seen on the following graphical plan the ADSL Extender platform consists of a rack-type Central Unit card (CU) located at the telephone exchange and an outdoor Remote Unit (RU) installed within 2 km from the subscribers' premises. The RU is remotely powered from the Central Office on the same copper pair.

The ADSL Extender-CU connects 4 / 8 POTS lines from the POTS Exchange and 4 / 8 ADSL/2/2+ physical lines from the DSLAM. It collects and transmits their traffic over two SHDLS transmission lines (copper cable) to the ADSL Extender-RU.

The ADSL Extender-RU receives the transmission. It splits and broadcasts it towards the 4 or 8 individual subscribers as integrated POTS & ADSL Service. The subscribers' ADSL NT should be located within 2km from the ADSL Extender-RU.

ADSL - Extender Broadband line extender


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