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xDSL - Local Loop Nicotra Monitoring System

General Description

xDSL - Local Loop Nicotra Monitoring System

xDSL service is becoming a strong reality. Analysts predict that xDSL subscriber base will tremendously grow in the next 2-3 years.

This grow rate represents a huge opportunity for service providers. xDSL provisioning and maintenance of the circuit is becoming a priority.

The existing situation, quite common over the xDSL service providers, can be summarized in the following points:

xDSL - Local Loop Nicotra Monitoring System

Objectives of the company are to optimise human resources and reduce running costs while increasing the level of efficiency, reliability and quality of the network (local loop).
Qualification of a xDSL circuit is a complex process. The fixing of problems discovered during the qualification means additional costs.
Cost for dispatching the technicians in field is equivalent to hundreds of dollars. Un-necessary dispatch costs to the provider several months of profit.

The answer to the above problems is represented by the implementation of an automated monitoring system capable of connecting to the existing network without the need of costly rewire. The system allows the xDSL circuit provisioning, maintenance, and fault location in a transparent and cost-effective way.

Nicotra system foresees the possibility to access the DSL circuits for their testing by:

These possibilities allow the Remote Test Unit (RTU) to perform the different measurements required at the different phases of xDSL service supply.
The above methods are clearly strictly depending on the exchange switch manufacturer that is providing the metallic access and by the adopted distribution frames to identify the most effective way to physically access the copper pair (switch, test access usage etc).

The above double possibility allows to distribute the investment required for deploying the monitoring system according to different phases creating the monitoring infrastructure and expanding the capability of the system step-by-step.

The Nicotra local loop monitoring system is organized according to traditional Nicotra's systems architecture such as NiDA and OCN-MS systems:

As all the other Nicotra systems (NiDA, OCN-MS, Security), the Nicotra local loop monitoring system can be interfaced with Telecom infrastructure and system (workforce management, alarm management, geographical tools, network registry etc).


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