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NiDA - Copper Cable Network Monitoring System

SCU - Supervisor Control Unit

NiDA 2 Diagram

The SCU is the "head" of the system. Thanks to the powerful NiDA management software, it logs all the information received in its brain (central Oracle database) ad carries out all the actions to face the new situation in the best and fastest way.

Whenever an alarm condition is detected, the NiDA management software sends an alert report to the maintenance team, instructing them where to go and what to do to restore the network in the faster time.

The 3rd level SCU hosts the configuration and monitoring data relative to itself and the sub networks controlled by it.

The 4th level SCU merges virtual systems of all 3rd level SCUs belonging to its domain (through Replication service), acts as recovery SCU for any faulty 3rd level SCU.

Client Stations provide remote access to system functions and data management.
Surfing the NiDA2 is also available by means of standard Internet browsers.

NiDA2 Management Software

NiDA 2 GIS and Statistics

Nicotra Sistemi is pleased to present the result of more than 20 years experience in pressurized copper cable monitoring and management systems: the NiDA2 Management Software.

The well known, powerful and reliable Oracle DB engine, Windows2000 OS, Nicotra Sistemi GUI, now enhanced with GIS functionality, are the key features of NiDA2 Management Software: the brain of Nicotra Sistemi NiDA2 system.

Nicotra Sistemi considers integration a strategic requirement: NiDA2 is an open system. Integration with Manage r of Managers System (MMS) is available by means of SNMP interface, data from TLC operator's GIS are easily imported into NiDA2 DB, alarm notification is performed in a variety of ways (e-mail, SMS, faxes, pager).

TlgWeb Management Software

TlgWeb management software

From the demand of the primary National Telecommunications company to organize the pressurization monitoring system on its own intranet Nicotra has designed and developed the TlgWeb.

The TlgWeb software is based on Web architecture. By means of standard Microsoft Internet Explorer it provides the user friendly interface for accessing and managing of copper monitoring dates. It directly provides user-interface for creating and updating acquisition units parameters.

Currently the TlgWeb monitors over 7000 acquisition units with around 1,000,000 connected transducers.

The server TlgWeb is developed on the base of Microsoft NT 4 Server equipped with SQL 7.0 Server, Microsoft Intranet Information Server and Microsoft Transaction Server. The perfect knowledge of Nicotra has allowed the development of ActiveX-DCOM controls for the optimization and the secure navigation through the browser of the users.
The TlgWeb key features are the following:

The TlgWeb achieves impressive analysis and alarming capabilities to offer extended versatility in a variety of monitoring applications.

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