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Monitoring Systems

Nicotra Sistemi Srl. Monitoring Systems

Nicotra Sistemi Srl, taking full advantage of the vast experience of cable monitoring gained in more than 30 years, offers the newest and most advanced monitoring systems for fibre optic and copper cables:



ADSL Extender

ADSL Extender

ADSL Extender devices are suitable to install 4 or 8 universal subscriber ports (POTS + ADSL/2/2+) with an extended operating distance up to 10+ km.



Security System

Nicotra Sistemi Srl. Security System - RAD

Nicotra Sistemi Srl, always at the service of telephone companies, has developed different intelligent systems to ensure and maintain the reliability and security of the distribution cabinet and outside plant against vandalism, theft, clip on fraud:




Air Dryers & Distribution Equipments

Nicotra Sistemi Srl. - Air Dryers

The latest generation of Nicotra Sistemi Srl electronic air dryers and distribution equipments designed to satisfy all the telephone companies requests in terms of safety, reliability, integration and maintenance, both for small and large telephone exchanges:



Nicotra Sistemi Srl. - Nes

The most advanced energy stations for Telecom Access Nodes, Industrial and Networking Equipment.




AcquaCard ®

Nicotra Sistemi Srl. - AcquaCard ®

The most advanced and fully automated system for controlled water delivery to users by means of electronic card.





Nicotra Sistemi Srl. - AcquaMarina

Automated system for drinking water distribution with electronic user keys for Marinas and Seaports




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